MGO Spring Flair 2012 Fashion Show

Fling is in the AIR!!

The 2012 MGO Spring Fling Fashion Event was not just full of spring and summer boldness, it was a premier of MGO’s own Michell Gomez’s exclusive new line.

Michelle and Melissa Gomez of MGO Fashion Salon premier some new SmartChic designs at the 2012 Annual Spring show.

Tantrik Chicago nightclub was the venue where NBC’s Natalie Martinez and Renee Fercarotta, of  Eye Candy, Chicago and of Chicago Mob Wives co-hosted the parade of styles. Included in the presentation of new looks was MGO Fashion Salon, Le Thrift Consignment Boutique, Nexxt Fashion Studio, and SmartChic Boutiques.

Summer in the FLAIR, is an understatement. I can’t wait to see what’s next from these local creators of fashion!

Take a look at some of Dean Paul’s magnificent photos below: 

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