Carmen C and enChicago on WGN's Adelante

Me, on TV?! Yes, absolutely. It finally happened and what a great experience it was.

I was asked by Lourdes Duarte, co-anchor of WGN’s Evening News and host of Adelante Chicago, to tape a segment for Adelante. So, one really hot day I showed up at the WGN studios to tape the show and talk about what I do for my en Chicago blog and why I do it. It seems the public has a growing interest for Hispanics in social media and I’m all over it!

When I arrived, I was extremely nervous to go on camera but Lourdes was great at making me feel comfortable. She’s a real pro! It was fun to simply talk to her about something I have such passion for. My en Chicago blog is not grueling at all; I really love it.   Don’t get me wrong, this blog is a lot of hard work, but my passion turns that work into a joy. I guess I nailed my segment in one take (that’s show biz talk) since I was done with my taping in what felt like 3 minutes! Amazing how real life TV works! Simply amazing.

It was truly an amazing experience but it never left my mind that at this very same studio Bozo the Clown performed at on the locally shot and beloved Bozo that was on WGN when I was a kid. I was so excited after my taping, that I had to call my friend and colleague, Rachelle Moore assistant to the General Manager and asked her to give me a tour of the rest of the WGN campus.

I was  psyched to be on the show and then to see the old dusty room that smelled of mold where Bozo was actually taped, I couldn’t contain myself. It was beyond cool just to be in that room that I had hoped for so long we’d get a phone call from to come and see the real show but alas…The room was really dark, except for the main stage. There were old props from the Bozo show and you could still see the drawings on the wall of the banners that surrounded the once brightly lit studio. So much so that I could hear the kids’ excited cries in that very room. It came as a total surprise to see on the main stage (middle of the room that was lit nicely) that the room is now used to draw the Illinois State Lottery numbers nightly. WOW, time really does keep moving but it was awful nice to stop and take that look around.

Thanks Lourdes, this is one of those life experiences that I’ll never forget.


Akira Drinkcessorizes with McDonald's

I’ll take a Frozen Strawberry Leomonade with my maxi dress, please!

The idea of “Drinkcessoriz(ing)” with fashion is no joke, not to Akira or McDonald’s these days. The two have combined efforts to tackle the fashionistas of Chicago in the latest Akira Fashion runway show which hosted in none other than the 2nd floor of the 1950’s McDonald’s restaurant, in downtown Chicago.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for McDonald's Drinkcessoriz with Akira Fashions

Akira Drinkcessorizes at McDonald’s

The show started with a burst of colors along the runway. Each segment hosted by a different drink to go along with the latest Akira fashions for both men and women. Not just any drink “drinkcessorized” each outfit but a fitting smoothie, or a lemonade or a Coca-Cola, no less would accompany each hot look down the runway.

All around the event folks were munching on McDonald’s fries and burgers to go along with the specialty drinks. Also on hand were local celebs, Kelli Zink, from Celeb TV, “Julian on the Radio” from B96 and Marcus Riley from NBC.

Akira mastermind, Jon Cotay, was mindful to pair McDonald’s Frozen Strawberry Lemonade (which is my favorite), with pink and yellow looks. Next were fashions that displayed purple and blue hues to compliment the McDonald’s Wild Berry & Strawberry smoothies. After that were the black, red and crème looks that were best suited with McDonald’s Coke and Sweet Tea drinks. Lastly, were the brown and beige collections that were toasted along with the McDonald’s Frappe drinks.

Lots of beautiful colors, shapes and, of course, the shoes by Mia and Jeffrey Campbell worked well. Hair and make-up were designed by the Kelly Cardenas Salon and Ford’s Chicago & LA agencies and Wilhemina provided the gorgeous models for the show. Music was provided by DJ Madrid and an EXCELLENT and exclusive performance was given by world-renowned violinist Katarina Visnevska.

The show was, in a simple term, DELISH!!

Photos courtesy of Joseph Pape -Joseph Pape –

Luis Miguel swoons Chicago


Luis Miguel still sizzles, and he is bronzed enough to show us how much! Always the classy gentleman, Luis Miguel brought his “Labios de Miel” (Honey Lips), along with many of his romantic tunes, including “Suave”, “Con Tus Besos“, “Te Propongo”, “Volver”, “O tu Ninguna” plus numerous others to Chicago.

I’ve always loved Luis Miguel. He always seems to be serenading me personally, and I love that he dresses to impress. ALWAYS!

This icon of Latin pop, boleros and rancheras didn’t delay my obvious “ohhhhh wow” when he appeared on stage at the Allstate Arena, in Rosemont for his 2011 tour of his newest self-titled album released in September of 2011.

Luis Miguel never failed me nor his fans from the warm reception he received over and over during the night.

Come back again, Luis!!

Photos courtesy of Javier Enriquez –