Jesse Charbonier WORLD Premier Concert at Rumba

A fresh new approach to traditional jazz. Fresh sounds and class are exactly what was delivered for the laid back jazz loving crowd, at Rumba Supper Club on Hubbard Street, by Jesse Charbonier for his premier to the jazz world.

Jesse is Chicago’s newest jazz sensation to emerge from the metropolitan area with a natural and palpable desire to deliver his very first self-produced, world premier first single, “Let’s Not Discuss It”.

Jesse Charbonier Premiers at Rumba Supper Club

Jesse Charbonier Premiers at Rumba Photo courtesy of Phil Onofrio

It is understandable that Jesse has been a jazz lover for his entire life. It is also evident that he poseeses a strong talent for the art. While he began his set and sang a tribute in honor of the great Chet Barker and Billie Holiday, he successfuly delivered some of jazz’s greatest melodies for his audience.

Jesse performed jazz favorites; “God Bless the Child”, “Don’t Explain”, “Our Love is Here to Stay”, “My Funny Valentine” and many more. Dancer, Stanley Glover of Curie Metropolitan High School Touring Company, created a visual performance as he danced with tender emotions during Jesse’s rendition of “Nature Boy“. It was a moving performance.

In addition, dancers Nikki Simkus, from Culture Shock Chicago and Jarrett Rashad Kelly, of Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago performed a beautiful dance number to the sweet sounds of Jesse’s rendition of “The Same Love That Made Me Laugh”.

Jahmilah Alazam of Culture Shock Chicago, along with Stanley Glover, Nikki Simkus and Jarrett Rashad Kelly all danced during “Sing You Sinners,” while Jesse belted the tune for the audience. It was beautiful jazz dance that was performed as well as received enthusiastically by the audience.

The sweet, smooth new sounds, surrounded by the perfect venue for the performance, included band members; pianist and music director, Adrian Ruiz, bass player Bob Lovechis, drummer, Nils Higdon and trumpet player, Jerome Croswell. The ensamble created a sound that made the Rumba crowd sway as they dined on Caribbean delicacies and enjoyed sipping spirits.

During intermission Urban Theater Company located on Division Street in Humboldt Park, performed snippets of their newest production, “Sonnets for an Old Century“, by Jose Rivera. Sonnets will be performed at Stepphenwolf Theater, in Chicago, beginning February 11th through April 24th. Jesse’s performance at Rumba drew the crowd to the benefit, to assist Urban Theater Company in its fundraising efforts.

Urban Theater founders,Marilyn Camacho, who also appeared in Jesse’s video,  Ivan Vega, and Madrid St. Angelo, were all on hand with colleagues to enjoy Jesse’s show. A sneak peek of Urban’s “Sonnets” were also well given to the crowd by some of Urban’s performers. The audience sighed in disappointment when the sample of the production ended at the end of the intermission break as they wanted to witness more of the theatrical performance.

After intermission, the video for “Let’s Not Discuss It” premiered on Rumba’s giant screen. It was a jazz noir effect video which left the audience pleased with Jesse’s introduction to the jazz word. The visually beautiful interpretation of his new song was well received and a perfect treat included in the world premier show.

The smooth music, tributes to past great artists, delicious food, Rumba’s perfect surroundings and witness to a new talent, were just a few things that made this jazz production a success with his first contribtution to the jazz community.

Take time to check out Jesse Charbonier’s music and video. He was invited by Rumba owner Edwin Rios to come back to perform again soon. I’d keep an eye out for this new star to shoot across Chicago soon.


Photos courtesy of:

Joseph Pape –

Steve Starr –

Mila Samokhina –

Phil Onofrio –


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